Anker’s First Meetup! | Recap

I say let’s keep it real and have the meet in Downtown, Los Angeles! Can or would I be able to visit the Anker Offices anyway, that is without a scheduled meet?



“I’d quite somewhere near me as I’m poor or busy or lazy”

Guys, seeing as Anker would fly people in and book them in a hotel, the location would be based on

  • an event Anker staff are flying to anyway (Vegas for conferences, etc)
  • cheap.

If you want to make it in San Francisco I have a lawn big enough to fit 5 decent size tents, bring your own tent. I’ll bring breakfast.


will there be one coming to uk soon i know your a us based company

There is no need to create such an event for those few over the pond (UK DE FR IT ESP)

There is a need collectively but the challenge is language. The Chinese 2nd language is English. So in USA you can have an event in English, as USA 1st language is English, 2nd is Spanish. In anywhere other than UK, say France, Germany, Italy, the 1st language is French, German, Italian, etc. So you’d be have two people origins both in their 2nd language.

You then have the cost. The way Anker keeps its costs down, to pass on to use the consumer is base themselves in China with a high STEM quantity engineers but a low cost of living for lower wages for lower costs for lower cost products which sell in high volume for average $30.

The cost to fly people from USA / China to Europe is going to be … $2K/person and how many Anker fans would they meet? I counted a handful from the Seattle event, which had no/low expenses as was in their office, I assume with local staff who worked there.

I think Anker is doing the right thing, find a meetup formula which gets a lot of traction in USA, then repeat a proven formula elsewhere.

A good example event to run a meetup event around would be conferences, such as the Mobile World Conference this year was held in Barcelona. But… if your typical Anker customer is spending $30, why they travel any further than $30 cost of a gas tank to near their homes?

I like Anker’s creativity but we should try to help them find ways to make a meetup successful.


Anker should also plan for Virtual Conferences using Webex Events or Zoom video conferencing… Many members can join and see new offererings or join to connect.


But no hands on, as you get during a real meet up.

yes, there should be In person meet plus virtual meetings… Else some members will always be left out with such diverse locations

Yeah, but don’t these things travel by boat round the world in various containers?

Surely at least one European country would make a good distribution point by lorry? Container to that country, then onwards or even just postal as each item is ordered? I know I don’t care if a product takes 6 weeks to arrive from China (despite it not saying so in the description) if the postage is free…

We over the pond always feel left out, so no change there! lol

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Even we are the lost sons here, we are loyal paladins.

Happy Easter Mac!

Your boeuf will be tomorrow?

I will try to prepare that french rabbit.
I know to handle this.
I will be successful as usual

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French rabbit? What’s that.

I know what is Welsh rarebit (posh cheese on toast), but I don’t know French rabbit!

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Lapin. A simple rabbit.

Don’t you have those Gert (giant) rabbits in germany?

The german rabbits are mainly cultured for shows or competitions : “Deutscher Riese” for example.
Regarding the cuisine rabbits are more known in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.
You could find these in quite every butchery in these countries.

cannot wait :slight_smile:

they will never do one rip

Yes and they used to do them.

I watched them and I observed racism and sexism in the chat. The females in particular were exposed to very obscene questions.

This one seems harmless to reference

The list

The organic stored video library knows more than Anker left digital online.

Wow, was not aware of these already done in the past, thank you for sharing these. It’s concerning for the content or questions your mentioned about those over online to female users.


That’s very interesting. They could pososble do it again, if they installed some sort of filter, to get rid of irrelevant/inappropriate content?