Anker’s First Meetup! | Recap

Me? I’ll let you start :yum:

Okay… I do professional landscaping and irrigation.

What do you do…

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I’m a painter. I paint cabinets and resurface countertops and bathtubs. But I do not paint walls tho :joy:

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Oh cool. My brother-in-law makes handmade cabinets. Not the kind of cabinets I can afford though :joy:

@dicejedi @ikari04warrior
Yeah I am from Puerto Rico I have not been connected until today, I never knew what this is and if I knew it I would not attend either since my last acquisition was an Anker soundbuds slim + wireless headphones and it made me very sad the sound quality and the design, I also saw that a friend bought one for $ 4 and the sound sounds very, very good and also the battery lasts 8 hours and the recharge takes 1: 30h this made me very, very sad, Anker is not what it used to be, It depletes a lot every time I hear something from Anker that makes me very, very sad. Friends thank you for remembering me but I think I will not be very active. :smiley:


Hate to hear your Anker earbuds didn’t work as expected, hopefully you will still give Anker another chance

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I wanna get my cabinets painted. Come to Chicago :joy:

If only you were closer lol :+1: :sweat_smile:

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I’m very disappointed to hear this. I have always been very satisfied with the quality of my anker products…

Could you provide a complete list of the issues you’re experiencing?

What exact things about the design do you dislike?

You should experience a 7hr battery life… is thus accurate for you? If you are experiencing significantly less than this, it is likely your lair is defective. In which case I would email anker directly.

Best of luck in resolving these issues!

I hope so! :grin:

C’mon @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical, go to Charlotte, NC! :smile:

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@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical listen to him :point_up:

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Hope that they will do a meetup in the southeast at some point! What do you think, @AnkerOfficial ? Maybe Atlanta?!

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I think Charlotte is on the radar :grin:. Do you live close enough to Charlotte?

Charlotte, what has she got to do with anything. I want to meet Anker!

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Don’t talk about my girlfriend that way… oh wait…:joy:

I have already said it Mac,
Charlotte is an old lady I know well.
She might those few over the pond here in Europe invite to have a party in her living.
Very “cozy” :wink:, regarding the poor few we are here.

I like in Atlanta suburb so want Anker to come here as well. Think we are in the minority :joy:

No they need to come to Fayetteville, forget Charlotte

Anywhere in NC or SC would be fine with me :+1: maybe even Georgia