Anker products land best back-to-school gadgets under $30

CNET named PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini and PowerCore Fusion 5000 PD as one of the best back-to-school gadgets under $30. Fusion barely made that price cut becuase it’s discounted at $29.99. Hope you guys enjoy the brief read


They have some good items for under $30


They really do. I personally look for under around $20 for earbuds and got the Spirit X at $13 with a discount lol. Honestly feels like a steal!

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The cheaper the better :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for sharing :clap:

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Hope schools do open on time for students to fully enjoy these goodies :+1::crossed_fingers:

Yea hope schools open up safely too

Personally I hope they just do online schooling. Less distractions and I know many students who actually did better because of it…no more chasing girls or guys and focus on their studies

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County where I live made it an option of online or in-school whatever you like but university I go to just said they would do hybrid, online, or in person depending on classes (good for some not all tbh)

Yea they sent out a survey here for which the parents preferred, but so far I haven’t heard anything back on what the official plans are

Uni sent students surveys but all for show since they had things decided already :man_facepalming:

We are waiting on final announcement by school district on July 21st… still not clear what will happen.

Some schools may be opening this year.