Anker Product Verification, how it's work


i have many items from anker but it’s have less than 20-digit security code :sweat:
where i can find correct digit security code :heart_eyes:

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I believe this verification code is for the new packaging / products which are being phased in. Older stock items will not be carrying the code (including the UK from the looks of it).

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial can confirm?

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Anker verification only work for some countries that require them. If you’re in the US then you don’t need this. What’s worked for me so far is to scan the QR code and it will open anker verify site and put in the code automatically.

I just got the powercore+ 26800 and I was glad to see the authenticity check is on the box. it’s a one time use code. if someone else used it before you they will let you know.

I don’t think USA and UK have it though, anker seems to have only implemented that in countries where counterfeit products are rampant.

my friend took my old powercore 15600 and I realize how big of gap it left in my portable charging life. so I had to buy another.

anker make the best portable chargers hands down.