Anker PowerWave stand Review

I bought the Anker PowerWave stand during the last Amazon sale in Canada, so I figured I’d share the review with the community:


I use this too and love it @marcel.leica

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@marcel.leica I have like 5 of the power wave pads but I bought one of the power wave stands a few years ago for my dad and it’s held out great! Nice to hear that you’ve had a great experience with it as well. :+1:

Nice review!

Good and reliable wireless charger :+1:

I will note that the majority of negative reviews, which typically get a lot of helpful votes, are about the charging speed. I think the problem is split down the middle: the advertising for all QI chargers not just Anker lists the absolute top charging speed, even though the average speed is much lower. So people expect much faster charging speeds, comparable to cable, not understanding the limitations of wireless charging in general. I wish companies simply listed average charging times for top 5-10 phones instead of peak charging power, to be transparent and make customers aware of what they are getting. For me the convenience factor of a stand means I’m willing to live with a slower charging speed than cable, and if people went in without unrealistic expectations they would find a solid QI charger that’s convenient to use.