Anker PowerWave Evo Stand dead after 4 months

So this was my first purchase of an Anker product. Since then I have purchased additional products.
I am very disappointed in the quality of the products.

In May of 2020 I purchased a PowerWave Evo stand for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It had been a fantastic product. I purchased this charger based on several factors.

  1. My last phones USB port was damaged due to the constant ware of plugging and unplugging to charge.
    I decided to purchase a wireless charger since the phone I have now supports that feature.

  2. Anker brand and reputation. Having worked in IT for more than 25 years I have seen many companies come and go. I have seen both good and bad customer service. I had heard only good things about the Anker brand.

Sadly my charger stopped working. I tried changing the power adapter. I tried changing the cable. both work when connected to a device. I have narrowed it down to the pad which has failed. It does not charge and flashes blue. There is no real way to trouble shoot this any further without breaking it open. Th eunit is defective.

Hardware fails. I do not expect it to last forever. Failing after 4 months is simply ridiculous. Could be a fluke, who knows. I doubt I buy another one.

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Maybe it’s still under warranty. Contact Anker support and let them know your issue.

Best of luck

Hey @Christopher_C_Smith
Shame to hear you’re having problems.
But such is life, and no or product or brand is 100% all the time. It’s how a brand deals with an issue is the real test.

As @ikari04warrior mentioned, reach out to support at including a scan or screen shot of your receipt.
Or maybe even speak to the retailer for an under warranty exchange.