Anker PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini - Couch/Common Area Low Profile Charging

Powerport Strip PD 2 Mini

Anker again delivered an exceptional product at value for the customers. The powerport mini 2 is a perfect power strip for my needs - a small, low profile minimalist power source for the modern living room. I’ve always wanted a power-strip that’s unobtrusive and small-profile, and Anker has definitely exceeded my expectations.

I had used a USB-C power strip before (made by Tessan, it stopped working after 2 months past return period, and conveniently - their Amazon page shows it’s no longer for sale). After that, I swore off USB power strips and went with an old-fashioned Belkin powerstrip that I plugged my USB chargers into. It was large, big and had to be



  • Only 2 AC outlets - if you need it to be a primary power strip you might want a bigger one
  • I wish it came in other colors (black/grey)
  • The current version has a mix of USB-C and A - so in a few years I might upgrade to the next version once USB-A standard gets phased out.

Products tested to work with PowerStrip PD2 Mini:

  • Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum (Yes I needed to vacuum my living room carpet after spilling some chip crumbs)
  • Sony Alpha A7RII
  • Kindle
  • iPad
  • iPhone XS and XR
  • Huawie P20 Pro


The Anker PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini is a great little power strip that could. I really appreciated the little design details on this power strip. It is also a joy to use. Its low profile and rounded corners make it very “approachable”. I can see myself recommending this to all my friends and family if they need a recommendation on a power strip.


Great review. Good job! I was happy as well with my powerport.

Love the review @Blue1987

Thanks your nice review!:+1:

Good made review.

Nice reviews ! Thanks for sharing :+1:

Lot of PD 2 Mini reviews today :slight_smile:

Thank you! I just wanted to share my honest opinions.

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Thank you! Anker has been knocking it out of the park lately.