Anker Powerline USB Cords

When looking for a usb c to lightening cord, does it have to be the Powerline II to use with Anker 65W 4 Port PIQ 3.0 & GaN Fast Charger?!? Or any Anker usb c to lightening cord? Asking because Amazon has premium nylon usb c to lightening on sale for prime day sale. Are they the same or can they be used!?!

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@professor @ndalby @Shenoy :thinking: Maybe you guys can help answer these questions for our friend?


To get the fastest charge any USB C to Lightning cable from Anker will be fine, pick on what length, colour suits you.

For the charger, the very latest iPhones benefit from 20W, slightly faster than 18W. So any PD or IQ3 port 18W+ will be fine, but if you can 20W+.

The mentioned 65W 4 port has a 45W IQ3 port, so that’s at least 20W, so you can be assured you’ll get the fastest charge with this combination, with headroom for other devices in the future.


Any USB-C to lightning cord can be used, the difference between builds and revisions mainly comes down to cable resilience on bend strength and/or data transfer rate.


Already answered by professor and ndalby, great stuff!

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Thanks everyone! Just a few more ends, no pun intended, to clean up and I think I’ll be done!!:wink:
This one…

iPhone 11 Charger, Anker USB C to Lightning Cable [6ft Apple MFi Certified] Powerline II for iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max/X/XS/XR/XS Max / 8/8 Plus, Supports Power Delivery

And this one…

Both Anker, both different ends. Am I right that I need the first one with the PowerPort 65/4 Atom!?! That premium nylon ends or larger, it appears to me, for that wall chargers!!! Oh please say I’m right!!!:pray:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

I looked up the PowerPoint 4 65w, while both cables would work, I can definitely recommend you to go with the USB-C to lighting cable


The USB-C to Lightning is technically superior and so should be your priority. The maximum supported by the iPhone family is 20W with USB-C to Lightning, while the maximum supported by the iPhone family is 12W with the USB-A to Lightning.

You do need a modern iPhone to take advantage of the difference.

But these two cable types do both have their roles. A USB-A port is slightly lower cost, so you may save a few $ in total combined with it. That may have role like in say keeping an iPhone charged when speed to recharge is not a requirement.

And you really REALLY need to focus on the port types. USB-C is the round oval type and USB-A is the rectangular chunkier type.

The 65/4 Atom has 3 USB-A but only 1 USB-C. So you may find you do actually want both cables if say you had an iPad or a laptop which wants 45W USB-C and you give the iPhone the USB-A 12W port. If your iPhone recharging as fast as possible was your priority then you’d use USB-C to Lightning cable in the 65/4 USB-C port, but if then later you wanted to recharge an iPad or a laptop, you may then want to move the charged iPhone to the USB-A port and use a USB-A to Lightning cable to keep the iPhone charged.

So you may want to buy both cables so you can tune the connections to the daily needs.

As of right now, you should buy the USB-C to Lightning cable but later you may find you want to also buy the USB-A to Lightning cable to use the 65/4 USB-C 45W port for something more needing 45w than the Iphone needs 20W.

It’s a good idea if you have cables ending in the same connector type, to buy different colour cables so you don’t have to retrace the cable’s source. A good method is to use a red cable for the fastest charging so you can remember “red = fast”. But if colour choice has a cost consequence you can just put some mark like a coloured tape on the fastest cable.

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Great lesson!!! So glad all of this is solved! Now let’s see if they’re still on sale anywhere for prime day since it ends today.:roll_eyes::wink:. Thanks so much Professor!!! I understand why you have that name!:+1:t3::two_hearts:

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