Anker PowerLine III Review

First and most importantly, I have been a huge fan of Anker for many years now and have slowly replaced all my house cables with Anker cables. Secondly, I want to thank Anker for allowing me to do a review on the new PowerLine III cable.

First Impression:

  • It appears to be slightly thicker than my previous Anker cable, but virtually the same if not compared side by side.
  • I love the new added texture to increase grip on the head of the cable. This is great because here in California it gets pretty hot and you tend to sweat more and sometimes unplugging the cable it does slip, this will help reduce that. Plus it does increase esthetics upon looking at the cable looks very well made.
  • All this backed up by their awesome warranty = an excellent well-made product that everyone should get.


  • none I can think of it, it does what its intended to do but will outlast all cables including OEM apple ones which are notorious for breaking at the head of the cable.

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A simple and nice review of the cable.

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