Anker PowerExtend 12 Strip "Reveiw"

I received the test unit. Came in a huge amazon box.

Unboxing: Very clean classic Anker box (100% recyclable paper). Inside there are Happy card, User Manual and PowerStrip itself.

Setup: On the powerstrip there are 12 AC outlets and a on/off/reset switch along with 3 small leds to show grounded protection and dual surge protection.

AC Input : 125V AC, 60Hz, 10A
AC Output: 125V AC, 60 Hz,15A,1875W
Surge Energy : 4000J
Size : 293 x 113 x 30 mm / 11.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 in
Cable Length : 1.8 m / 6 ft

In my AV setup I was using 3 separate power strips to power all my devices and this Powerextend 12 replaced all 3 strips. Great feature of this is that 6 of the outlets are on the left and right edges which is great for bigger power bricks. 6 outlets in the center can accommodate smaller plugs. There are 2 wall mount holes on the back as well.

So this 1 replace the 3 shown below :slight_smile:

This is great since my new setup is much nicer and neat with less wire clutter. I did see both surge protection leds lit along with grounded led so all looks great. I have 8 devices connected with 4 outlets to spare. It also freed 2 wall outlets where power strips were earlier connected.

Now waiting for the SURGE :grin:


Nice review :clap:

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Nice review. You did what we all can do for this review without risking anything


The thing is most of the reputed powerstrips in the market does their job. Anker powerstrip has the unique advantage for its outlets placement which makes it more efficient in handling bigger bricks. Dual surge protection and being grounded are kind of necessary features without which it will be pretty useless.

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Great photos and review @kumar.sachin
Good to see it loaded up :+1:t2:

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Good review and photos @kumar.sachin

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Nice review and photos!

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Another of nice reviews for PowerExtend 12 Strip… 3 already!

nice work @kumar.sachin :clap:

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Good review! Can’t wait to see mine tomorrow :+1:

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Thanks for the great review! :+1:

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Great review!

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Great review …

Thanks for the review. Looking good! 4 slots still open and a wall plug.

Good review, see you are always putting it to good use

Excellent review. :+1:

AC Input : 125V AC, 60Hz, 10A
AC Output: 125V AC, 60 Hz,15A,1875W ??

Bro, You can never produce electricity from the power extender. Hope you are getting my point !

It is not possible to get more power output (the current drawn) than your input.

@kumar.sachin !

Anyways, Good Review and excellent pics.