Anker PowerExtend 12 Outlet Power Strip Review on Instagram

Link to my review of the Anker Power Extend 12 Outlet Power strip below.

Instagram Review

Great product, and exactly what I was looking for. A little graphic I did with the power strip. Thanks so much Anker! Hopefully I can review other products as well.

Big fan of the Eufy product line as well. I have the 15C Max vacuum and Smart Scale P1, and have gotten people to buy them as well.


Hahaha thanks for the review!! Love your photo! :+1::+1::+1::laughing:

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First Instagram review I’ve had the opp to read.

Nicely done.

Also like the extras on the photo.


HAHA. Thank you! I’m a designer. There was no way I could upload just a photo for this product. haha

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Thank you!

I do have the same product, but it doesn’t do wonders for me. Don’t understand why you like it.