Anker Powercore essential 20000

Hello everyone, my first post here hope it’s in the right place. Recently I dropped my anker power bank and now it only light 2 leds can’t say for sure if it’s fully charge or only charges for 2 leds so I’m wondering if I can open it up and fix it? Is that even possible?

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Try a reset by looping the the input and output socket via cable

I’d use the remaining battery and then let it charge overnight and hopefully it will work fully in the morning

Hey @monzer.kj
Bad luck with the PowerCore :man_shrugging:t2:
I would suspect its just the lights that are broken.
You could give it a full charge and see if you get the same amount of use from it that you did before the accident.

I’ve found the lights aren’t a great indicator of remaining charge in my PowerCore do that wouldn’t bother me to👍🏻

Let us know how your testing goes.