Anker powercore 26800 charging help




i was wondering instead of using the Anker 4A charger for the powercore 26800 mAh powerbank can i then use 2 seperate ipad chargers? or does it need to bo under 4 A in total? because 2 ipad chargers makes 4.2A


Yep, two iPad chargers would work as well. Each Micro USB input accepts 2 amps, which the iPad chargers can provide.


PowerCore 26800 can be charged via dual input ports and a max input of 4A, that is, 5V ⎓ 2A Max Per Port.

iPad chargers (believe the 12W chargers) would provide a 5V at 2.4A, so combined this would be more than 2A per port, 4A combined. But PowerCore would only accept 2A at max per port.

So you should be good.


ahh okay. thank you for the fast respond! and thanks for the help!