Anker PowerConf S3 - Method to disable the Phone call button

I use the PowerConf connected via USB to my laptop with a range of conference software including Skype, Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, etc. I will often have several of these applications running (but not actually in a meeting) at once to support instant messaging.

My issue is that when I am in a meeting (for example Zoom), I will often tap the mute button on the PowerConf. Unfortunately sometimes my finger slips and I hit the Phone Call button. When I do this, Skype pops up, lowers the volume, and generally gets in the way of the Zoom meeting I am in.

I understand that this is because Skype takes priority on the HUD interface and assumes that it is responsible for the Phone Call button.

Feature request: Method to disable the Phone Call button so that I don’t accidentally tap it while in a conference call.