Anker offers 3$ refund on 34$ worth of damaged Soundcore 2 speakers



Dear Users,

This was my third purchase from Anker. I am having two products for which the transaction went perfectly and the products are working well after about 6-7 months of usage. Turns out, I never got a chance to experience Anker’s after sale service, of which I am immensely

Firstly, the product was arrived in damaged packaging. The box was bent on left side corner and torn. This in itself was very suspicious and upsetting. Thereafter, after 2-3 usage, the left side speaker has started to stop intermittently and keeps going in and out of connectivity.

I raised my concerns on Anker’s Official store page on Ali Express, where I was offered petty refund of 3.20 dollars !!!. I mean, why offer that as well.**

Please be vary that the satisfaction with these products lasts as long as and if they are in working condition. The moment you get fact any trouble, do not expect any support.

Though I had utmost confidence while ordering the product that my experience would be great, given my past experience with this brand, but this time, I was highly let down and would prefer t

o dish extra cash next time with some other reputed brand to ensure I get better after sale services.

I am attaching few pictures of the box which clearly shows that the package arrived in damaged condition and can provide further evidence for the product if required.


Sorry to hear about your problems with the customer support.

This is very unusual for @AnkerOfficial, as I received the customer service from them that I know and love when my lightning cable developed a fault 14 months after I brought it, and it was replaced within a day of me emailing then.

I hope you get this sorted out ASAP.


@gandharv_anand Sorry to hear of your experience.

While the majority of Anker products have a 18 month warranty, AliExpress unfortunately has their own warranty and refund policy which Anker has to adhere to in order to sell items on their site.

Hopefully @AnkerOfficial can assist your further outside of AliExpress via


That sucks I only 3 bucks they should atleast give a bit more I’ll love have my boxes in a nice condition :blush:


Hi @Gandharv_Anand,

I’m sorry to hear that our product arrived in damage packaging. For the damage packaging, we can only offer 3-5$ refund. But you can also report to the AliExpress platform for the reason of the package damage, so the logistics platform will automatically intervene and will also give you certain compensation. If you don’t know how to do this, our customer service will guide you conduct it.

Also, If the product is damaged during transportation, our customer service will follow up your case and help you solve it. Please don’t forget to check your email these days.:innocent:


Don’t buy from Aliexpress or any place with crappy after sales service. Get from Amazon or Walmart so you can return for full refund.


ndalby is right, Aliexpress has their own warranty system that has nothing to do with anker, or their warranty system. I have never even heard of someone going directly to anker for warranty reasons and being unhappy with the results. Anker is a company that honors it’s warranties, it’s one of the best parts of anker.


Since you purchased through aliexpress, it voided the anker warranty. So you were actually dealing with the aliexpress customer service…

I recommend always purchasing through amazon :wink:


Yea since you bought it from AliExpress, I think they are the ones who should be helping you out. I hope at least you can get your money back