Anker Nano + PowerWave 3 in 1 wireless charging pad

I’m interested in buying the Anker PowerWave 3 in 1 wireless charging pad but it says it’s only compatible with Quick Charge 2 or 3 wall chargers. The Anker wall chargers all have the USB connection facing out of the wall which I hate.

The Anker Nano though is small, the connection points down and it has an IQ 3 logo on it. Would this work with the charging pad?

I don’t think it will work, hopefully another more knowledgeable forum member can pitch in and help you better

Nano stated to have a 20 watt max.

Power wave stated ‘Requires a Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 wall adapter (9V/2A)’ Watts is volts times amps So watts would be 18 and that is still less than the 20. So it should work unless I got something wrong my math.

None know for sure until it’s tried, so let us know!

IQ3 adds USB PD to IQ2. IQ2 includes QC2.

So in theory, yes the Nano with IQ3 should do QC2 and so should work. If you order from a supplier with a free return would be advisable, and/or email Anker and ask, and they can either say yes or no and if they say yes and it doesn’t work then you have grounds to get a full refund.

Did you try it OP?

I had a reply directly from Anker who said it will work.

However I have a problem with my Apple Watch series 4 charging on the device.

When I set it on the charging puck it doesn’t register as charging. If I leave it some time then it will all of a sudden kick in and ping at me that it’s charging, then the Watch will lock and the screen will go dark, then it’ll light up and ping at me again that it’s charging. And this will repeat indefinitely until I take it off.

Weirdly if I turn my watch off and then place it on the puck it will turn my watch on so so that indicates it
knows there’s power there? Sometimes that’s enough for it to start working normally, sometimes it’s note.

Sometimes it works first time no problem.

I’ve tried with bedside mode on and off. Neither of these settings seem to make a difference.

I’ll email Anker about this and see what they say.

Unfortunate issue you are having. I hope something positive comes out of this, good luck