Anker Nano | Our Best Charger For iPhone 12

Hey Anker Fans!

iPhone 12 has finally been announced, along with the news that the new generation of iPhone will not come with a charger.

Now thankfully this means that you won’t have another identical charger to stick in your bottomless drawer of unused charging accessories, but it also means you have to make a choice about how to charge your new phone.

Assuming you’ve had an iPhone before, you might be thinking of just using your old charger. But with the latest iPhone being able to take up to 20W of power, sticking with that original 5W charger will be like feeding a small salad to a grizzly bear—it’s just not filling enough!

Thankfully, our Anker Nano charger has been upgraded to 20W allowing you to charge iPhone 12 at maximum speed, previous iPhone models up to 3× faster, and a wide range of other mobile devices at high speed.

The best part is, we’ve managed to pack 20W of power into something that’s just as small as that old 5W charger. So if you travel a lot, Anker Nano is ideal because it offers the same level of portability as before while giving you way more speed and versatility.

This is our best charger for the new iPhone, so if you’ve already set your sights on an iPhone 12, then look no further than Anker Nano.

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Power On!


20w is nice for other devices too :slight_smile:


Nice for people who don’t have USB C charger already

Great timing on Anker Nano!!

@AnkerOfficial So will the Anker PowerPort III Nano 20W be now called as Anker Nano?

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And it comes at a good price too :+1:

Just saw the Apple event details… new iPhones will come with a USB-C to Lightning Cable, meaning old / existing chargers will not work with the existing cable, though old cable with old charger may / will work. However, large number may simply buy a USB-C charger, so good opportunity for Anker Chargers, Anker Nano to make a splash!!

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Found this video for Anker Nano


lol… I need new glasses. I thought it said name the new all charger. lol

Hahaha :joy::joy::joy: I didn’t even know we have this video.


I got this, but I own no Iphone. :smile:

But we use the “PowerDwarf” (German : “Kraftzwerg”)

( wouldn’t this be a better name? :rofl:)
for my wife’s phone, works great.



I have the old one and it is great!

Nice little nano charger :+1:

Some of the Amazon reviews on this … I’m just SMH.

People complaining that this is not compatible with their iPhones because the Anker Nano does not have a lightning port. Or complaining that it needs a “special cable” to work. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I have the 18W version in black. It works with my Pixel smartphone, Pixelbook, iPad Pro, and thanks to my “special cable” it also works with my iPhone XR.

I have no urge to upgrade given that in addition to several 18-30W USB-C PD chargers, I also have 3 65W chargers and 1 100W charger. None of the 65W+ ones are Ankers, but I’m still waiting for Anker to make one that has at least 2 ports with 65W+ for <$25.


Those are some of the funniest comments to read when you’re bored :joy:

Are you guys going to make MagSafe chargers too?

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Sadly no 20W nano nano over here at .ca

Alot of other good options though :slight_smile: - Powerport Atom - 30W PD

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Great for Anker but why on Earth is Apple not including a charger? Is it because they stink at it? :smiley:

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By that argument, don’t include an iPhone either.

Not including charger is going to reduce landfill primarily, and force consumers to learn what is the best fit, and yes Anker will be a major beneficiary.

But the Lightning port is still the issue, to ditch it, because upgrades will either have a tied to 12W limit older cable, or have to buy new cables for 20W.

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Seems like you have all your charging needs covered :+1: