Anker nano and iPhone giveaway on twitter

I guess if you need an iPhone, you can try this giveaway by Anker on Twitter.

There may be something going on now or can be wrong

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It looks like they had given some stuff to Unboxed Therapy who did a live giveaway earlier today but Anker has another giveaway that will end in 28 days or so. (Although I had caught the tail end of it as I was enjoying eating out with my wife earlier on)

Great share once again @Duane_Lester :clap:t2:

Cool giveaway. I’ll give it a try

Good luck to all taking part.
Not me as an “unsocial part of the community”
No “Zwitter”, no “Fakebook” :laughing:


So you are the unsocial socialite :smile:

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He’s referring to the fact that those platforms are not about being social but anonymous nasty and fake news. So sad for Anker to be involved in those platforms. The existence of community should mean social platforms are not required.

I also don’t like Twittard or Fakebutt.


I am much more.
I will not tell here! :rofl:

Fakebutt is good. :rofl:

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I know why he does not do it. I was doing a fun play on words for him

I do not allow the boys to really get on those. I have them but I mostly use them for local business giveaways.