Anker Liberty Air 2 - Left bud not resetting

Hi all,

Another of these topics… I have been sitting with my Liberty Air 2 for more than an hour to try to get them both to pair with my phone. But no dice.

Ive tried clearing any pairing information on my phone, tried with both bluetooth on and off.
Ive cleaned the connectors.
Ive pressed and held the button on the case for god knows how many times now but it always just leads to the right earbud start flashing (white) and followed by flashing red.
Ive tried actively making sure the buds are on when i put them in the case.
Ive tried actively making sure the buds are off when i put them in the case.

When pressing and holding i see the light on the left earbud flicker off for half a second so i am certain that it is connecting with the case… but it refuses to reset.

Ive had these issues on and off since the day I bought them, usually taking about 20 minutes of frantically trying to reset for it to finally work. But now ive spent more than 1h and getting a bit annoyed.

Any tips for someone who has followed all steps in all previous posts?

You might get some information here

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Did you ever find the answer to this??