Anker LC90 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight Review

I liked the idea by @ktkundy so I figured I would share a review I did on an older Anker product before I joined the community that I never got a chance to share.

Check it out! :smile_cat:


Anker products last forever they are great I love them nice review

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Great review!

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A tactical flashlight, perfect for reading The Art of War under the covers :smile:

Good review :+1:


Good review and pictures @The_Bearded_Tech_Guy , have the same one myself but its too often overlooked in favour of my several LC40’s :cry:

Thanks for sharing your review :thumbsup:

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It is undeniable that Anker’s tactical flashlight is of good quality. A few years ago, I also purchased an Anker Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight. I always bring it during camping and climbing, and it is durable.

Great review, wanted one of these for sure!

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Do you know what country is the brand Anker from?

Nice review!!!

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thank you!