Anker is using paying customers as beta testers for products that arent ready for market

Anker is actively using customers as free beta testers for their Liberty 2 pro Earbuds when they are no where near ready for sale. The first pair of liberty 2 pros I ordered has such severe white/background noise that they were practically unusable. Upon contacting them they admitted that is was a known problem and that the hardware of the headphones had been updated to rectify the problem… a new pair was mailed to me and upon receipt the white noise was still noticeable albeit not nearly as bad as before. When I mentioned this they Informed me that they were aware of the problem but there was no solution at the time. I was frustrated but decided I could live with it.

Then I realized that the batteries on my replacements were defective, the right earbuds battery would die within 4 hours with a full charge, while the left earbud would last for the full advertised 8 hours of play time. Either problem on it’s own I could accept as being a fluke, but to have both occur on a product that is “apparently” ready for market is completely unacceptable. Anker is attempting to save money by using their paying customers as beta testers for a product that is nowhere near ready for sale on the market and when confronted about the problem they are admittting that they are aware of the issues and that it is only affecting less than 1% of users, which is obviously inaccurate claim and lie based on the hundreds of posts on reddit and the anker community forums from users experiencing the exact same problem. I have been trusting anker for the past 3 years for all my power supply and audio needs and was expecting my trust to be well placed . Iam incredibly disappointed to find that the reason anker is able to offer cheaper prices on their equipment than competitors is due to immoral practices and using their paying customers as unpaid beta testers for products that they are fully aware are not ready for sale.

If you are considering purchasing a pair of Ankers True Wireless Headphones,I strongly encourage you to look elsewhere, as the 100$ you’re saving by choosing Anker is nowhere near worth the headache, poor audio/product quality and shady business practices that they employ.


You might change to the soundcore forum.
There is a lot discussion about!.

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I do not disagree with you.

Thank you for starting this discussion.


Hopefully Anker reaches out with some sort of resolution instead of pretending the problem doesnt exist…

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As mentioned by @Chiquinho you may want to lend your opinion to one of several threads on or more preferably work with Support to resolve your dissatisfaction.

While I get you are disappointed with having two consecutive issues (one being the white noise which is well documented for some and the other being battery), this in most cases is rare but depending on numbers produced and sold its not going to be completely improbable that something like this could ever occur (I’ve had 1 Faulty/DOA unit this year myself).

As for buyers being used as ‘beta’ testers, that rhetoric could go for any product anyone ever purchases IMO…issues found in a first generation release by the majority are addressed and in most cases resolved or improved in future generations or iterations of a product.

Could things have been handled better by Soundcore regarding the Liberty 2 Pro sound issues, especially initial acknowledgement and definite resolution time-frames, yes I don’t disagree…is it a fully flawed product, without numbers of those with issues vs those with no issues, no one can really speculate on that one…


I’m quite disappointed and also agree with pretty much what you said especially when getting two defective units in a row with the same hiss quality control is terrible at Anker everything else meh.

I volunteer as a tribute to beta test

I have a theory on this subject, but I know other people won’t like it.

These do have a slight hiss, which everyone knows about. It’s slightly worse then other earbuds, but it’s not terrible.

A small number from the first batch had a terrible hiss that was a huge issue. Everyone who got those was (naturally) upset about it. They all got replacement set of the new ones.

These were fixed and didn’t have the issue, just a slight hiss. However since they heard a slight hiss still, they all said that the hiss was still there (which in a way is true). In reality there brain was telling them it was worse then it really was.

This is all based on the fact that these have stellar reviews on amazon, so the actual issue can’t be that widespread if the reviews are so good.


I agree. I also think that once some people were commenting on the his that others (non hiss users) were trying to hear the hiss thus increasing the issue as well.

Once I heard of the his and got mine, I was trying to see if there was a hiss. I thought once that I had a hiss but then thought it out and realized that it was really was the right earbud syncing up with the left earbud. It only happened when there was pause in play time (say 10 seconds or so) when the earbuds was going inactive.

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If there must be a hiss, I hear that hiss. :wink:

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Replied on Soundcore, linking it here

there seems to be a lot of complain on the forums so maybe they will listen

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