Anker Earth Day Giveaway!

An awesome prize with no emissions and power on the go a great item for camping with the family

Great giveaway, with a family of four this would be great for anything from power outages to family vacations.

I love all of my anker products and this would make a great addition.

Thanks for the chance! This would be amazing.

Super cool product!

So cool! Cannot wait for this product to launch!

If you are into preparedness, this thing would be fantastic!!!

I would use this for remote setups outdoors - lighting, fans, music

Thank you. Looking forward to winning

This would be great for camping!

Nice powerstation! Can’t wait to win it.

This looks pretty nice. It’s probably more than I’d ever need tho. It would be nice to see some competitors that can be used to power a house, HVAC and all. This one is kind of a tweener unless you are living a van/RV life or live in an area with frequent power interruptions and have no high wattage needs.

Wow! Nice giveaway, Anker! What a great way to celebrate Earth Day :slight_smile:

I have been looking to get something like this for a while now it would be so cool to win one!!!

Wow, this would be great to have for emergencies.

Been needing one of these. Glad Anker is getting on board.

This would be amazing for camping and road trips.

Oh, man this would be great to have!!

Awesome giveaway! :clap:

Good luck to everyone that enters. :crossed_fingers:t2::four_leaf_clover: