Anker Earth Day Giveaway!

Indeed a powerhouse and would be awesome to use when Glamping…

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I’d love to get this considering the grid my apartment block is powered off cannot handle everyone when aircons and things go on -_-.

Ohh this is awesome…I can think of a number of ways having this will be a blessing…this would be a welcome back up and very useful in the aftermath of a storm…using in camping is just a plus. :grin::grin::grin::+1::+1::+1:

I’m super excited about this Earth day giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity! :earth_americas: :seedling: :purple_heart:

I’ve been wanting to take up camping (now that I’m retired and have time) - this could come in handy for those remote locations

Amazing product. Never can have too much … I HAVE THE POWER!!!

I would use this for camping, and it would be awesome during ice and snow storms, as we often lose power for several days at a time.

Thanks for Giveaway! @AnkerOfficial

Thanks @AnkerOfficial
Being in a fire zone in California this would be a life saver! Perfect timing for Earth Day!

Says open worldwide, in ToC… so if not available in your market region, maybe a voucher in place.

Good luck…

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Thank you for this Giveaway @AnkerOfficial! If I win this I will use it to help supplement power in my home and also for emergencies and for camping. Thank You!

This is perfect for camping! :+1::sunglasses:

I would use it on my campervan! This would be perfect! Fingers crossed! :blush::+1:

Cool giveaway! If I won, I’d use this in case of emergencies and power outages.

Taking the family camping and this is perfect to keep everyone juiced!

Well will be using it at work. Makes it easy as I travel a lot with the car.

let me hope this product is good as in the ads

I would love this. Not only are we investing in camping gear but this would be so handy for running my woodworking tools at the back of my garden.

To add another useful case, which I would actually want to replace my generator with this: (Emergency) Medical eqipment! It already happened that a power outage occured while a family member needed power for medical equipment. We’ve bought a power generator solely for this reason. Replacing it with a PowerHouse, that should last at least one day, would be awesome. Especially in reducing noise and keeping the neighbors trying to sip some power away :wink: Oh, and did I mention this makes it way easier to travel, too? Imagine packing a full-on power generator for your trip: half of your trunk space gone immediately :smiley:

charging all my phones , torches and other electronics