Anker Charger with automatic charging stop via BT

Hello Guys,
as a lot of you probably know and more of you will know charging up your Phone until 100% isnt the best Idea, since the battery capacity is reduced by the factor 4-5 compared to charging until 80%.
Now there are apps that notify you when you reached a charge point but

I am a simple man, i go to sleep->i hang up my phone for charge

Thats why i wanna suggest Anker to make BT Chargers and BT QI Chargers.
The Idea is simple and its already getting made by an asian company i never heard of.

Basically you install an App that connects to the charger via Bluetooth and as soon the desired charging capacity is reached the BT Switch is triggered and charging stops. Compared with sleep timer for the Switch after the charge point is reached it will be the perfect device for anyone who wants to use his Phone for more then two years without replacing the Battery or loosing a lot of your Capacity.

Please help me to get this to developers and if this will be produced i will buy the first unit they sell.


I think this is a really cool idea as well as one that would be quite useful.

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Personally I dont see the point in this. There are already apps you can install that will limit the amount of charge your phone can take based on the percentage you choose.

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On iPhone your phone charges to 80% and then stops, and then right before you wake up it charges the last 20%

Nice that the Iphone has at least one feature that android doesnt have :smiley:
But can you actually disable to load the last 20%?

Because its the last 20% of charging that does the most harm to the battery.

But this requires you to root your phone and it doesnt work on every phone aswell.
Rooting my new Mate20 pro and voiding the 2 year warranty isnt an option for me tbh.
And rooting it after two year looses kinda the purpose of expanding you batterylife

Um, no you dont have to have root. I use accubattery and it stops charging at whatever percentage I set. And also allows me to optimize my battery usage

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i have the accubattery Pro aswell and neither my old Huawei Mate 8 or my new Huawei Mate 20 Pro stop charging at the set limit. I just get a notification.

This is a neat idea, but over the course of the average lifespan of a phone for a user, it really isn’t worth the headache. Now, of course, the worthiness of something like this will vary on how often you upgrade your phone.

Personally, I upgrade my phone every year. I buy the new one and sell the old one. My battery life is always pretty good, so charging to 100% most nights is fine with me. Your mileage may vary of course.

Of course this a valid approach but as far as i am concerning i am buying every 3-4 years a new phone and the old one went to my Parents or other relatives.

And as far as the Huawei Mate 8 goes the first 2 Years were fine but the last 2 were just a pain in the ass. I only had 1500 of the 4000 mah left in the end and my Phone just died at 15%.
IMO as technical advancements are already only marginal and with the expanding complexity of removing a battery because of Glues etc. more People will probably keep their Phone. Since they are only going up in price.
I think this isnt a bad Idea. And with a bit of marketing this could sell pretty could espcially since all scientific data confirms this approach.

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Yeah, if you upgrade yearly, then no need to even think about battery health/lifespan.

Even though I usually upgrade every 2 years, I never really think about “saving” my battery either. I always plug in my phone before going to bed, even if I have 90%, so that I will have 100% by morning. In my experience, it’s around 18-24 months that you notice any battery degradation. It doesn’t bother me much because I always have an Anker battery with me, but maybe I should give this more thought.

Anyway, this thread is an interesting idea. Although, Android and iOS really should have this feature built-in to their OS so you can control when the phone starts/stops charging, when to initiate trickle/slow charge, etc.

In iOS 13, this is baked into the OS. compatible iPhone model will charge to 80-percent for most of the time , waiting for times it knows you’re not using it to recharge fully.

Also There was a mechanism discussed for smartphones using IFTTT


Wow. Just wow. I’ve been on iOS 13 beta for a bit and never knew. LOL.

I just checked my iPhone XR (used 9 months). Shows 99% maximum capacity, and the Optimized Battery Charging is ON. I guess I’ll take a look next time I charge the phone.

Man, I’ve been using my XR for the same amount of time, and I’m only at 96% :disappointed:

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I got my X for about a year and its at 90% I just had my moms Iphone 7 plus battery replace since it was at 50% after 2 1/2 years

I was gonna recommend IFTTT or Tasker for Android. I’ve never used either one of them, but with Tasker you can automate a bunch of things and maybe even the battery charging

That’s a great positive of Android OS … iOS 13 beta had the automation In Shortcuts app but the latest version removes the automation and not sure if these will ever come back

Tasker has really positive reviews about all the things you can have it do for you so it’s work a try for OP. I just leave mine on the charger all night and do not worry about it lol

I am in the walled garden of :apple:

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Guess you can say I’m Samsung fanboy :rofl:

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