Anker CES 2022

I agree we have different needs so no right answer for everyone. In my case I always leave house with enough to handle an indefinate duration from home. I own camping class items which are compact lightweight. I do have a packed bag in the garage to grab’n’go.

I did store a Powercore 10000 in my external separate garage but forgot, made an error, about how lithium didn’t like cold and killed it. So now I keep a small grab bag in the house near the door, that plus the bag in garage does give me some run quick capability. I intend to insulate the garage during the summer, so then it won’t kill lithium quite as bad.

I tend to not drive but own a car and in the trunk is similar sleep-in-car capability.

What holds me back from these larger Powerhouse is they aren’t really grab’n’go type given you may have to hike out of a situation. Would work for drive away.

With one eye on the cost, I’d also be thinking about what is multipurpose and will get used regularly for common situations. Multiple Powercore cover more situations than a big Powerhouse.

I did live an unreliable power home about a decade ago, I bumped up a UPS over years in response. Not portable obviously.

To square this apparently circle of reuse, portable, I think they need to merge their Powercore and Powerhouse products via modularity, so a “unit” which contains the cells you can snap into a shell to make a Powercore or stack multiple into a Powerhouse type shell to aggregate a Powerhouse equivalent. i.e. innovate.

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