Anker CES 2021 Announcements

I just saw that Anker announced some new products at CES 2021. Personally, I’m looking forward to the magnetic power banks that can snap onto the back of the iPhone 12!

  • Magsafe-compatibile iPhone 12 cases

  • Magnetic power banks

  • Magnetic wireless charger stands

  • PoweWave Go 3-in-1 Stand with a removable Qi power bank and a removable Apple Watch charging puck


also seems like they announced a thunderbolt 4 mini hub as well and the cables that they mentioned the other day on the community. The three in one go stand sounds pretty cool. Personally, I wish they would bring the convertible dock that they had introduced last year to come to reality


Great share @TechnicallyWell
I’m not so much into Apple now, but it’s still good to see new products go to market.


Same here would be great to have a MagSafe power bank sooooo convenient.

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Seems like it’s mostly aimed to iphone users, oh well, i guess they don’t want my money lol


Yeah it’s a shame they are only introducing accessories for iPhone and not Android phones. I guess it’s a lot easier as there are so many Android phones and only a few iPhones.

These are iPhone promotion sites mentioning. There’s probably other products simply not being mentioned.

The new magsafe will drive new products.

Android users have better wireless charging, faster, so they don’t need to keep the much slower Apple products attached to each other, and much faster wired charging.

This should be interesting with potential new skus for anker.

Nice share.

Are you planning on attending (at least remotely)?

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Many android phones are using USB C cables, they should’ve released some


Is It online? Its in Las Vegas.

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Sorry maybe it is, just assumed with the pandemic it would have been virtual. Never thought to check actually :flushed:

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Yes… It is actually.
If you want to read more on how to here is the link.

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That powerwave go 3 in 1 looks kinda good

Thanks for the link, looks like i missed… did notice it was in partnership with Microsoft… hopefully the lil hamster wheel didn’t run forever… :wink:

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I might just wait on getting the wireless chargers. I just got my wife a new iPhone 12 and Watch SE yesterday and wants her own wireless chargers. These new chargers cables will be a nice addition our Anker collection.

Wish they released some sort of PowerWave Go 3-in-1 for Samsung devices


I know me too!! I try to stay loyal to them but eventually I’ll have to go with a different brand