Anker brand "Mag-Safe" USB-C cable & connector

It’d be amazing if Anker was able to produce a “Mag-Safe” like breakaway cable like other companies have done. Pretty much all of the other companies have shown that the cables eventually fail and not too many last. Plus theirs don’t include the reliability of cables from Anker that I’ve seen. If that was an option I would jump on it as soon as I could.


I use a magnetic cable myself and the only reason I would stop using it is if Anker made one. If they did make one I would switch in a heartbeat because I’m such a huge fan of Anker as well as I completely trust their products. But sadly, to my knowledge they don’t.

There was recently a very similar post here on the community. Always be sure to search before making a post :wink:


I remember this thread. But I was too lazy to look it up

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