Anker becomes expensive?

I was looking at Anker recently.

This time last year I paid £25 for the 18W 20000 PD. I’ve looked today, nearly double at £47 with coupon.


The deals are less common and less deep.

Anyone care to disagree?


Everything becomes expensive meanwhile.
The inflation rate (official) is > 3%.
But the reality is about 7%


I could understand 7% - but 81%?

You know how these 4% are generated by government?
Its a kind of pot with many things inside.
Normally food, energy (This winter enormously will increase : oil and gas)
gets expensive.
But may be other things as well.
You could ask Anker why the price increased .

Don’t disagree there are some causes of inflation beyond Anker’s control, but 81%?

Food costs only applies to the food costs in country of manufacturing. China?

Meanwhile nobody knows.
But you are absolutley right.
I took a look at this pb from time to time.
(I own one)

Regarding the confusions of models:
Hope that is the same :smile:

Hey @cs.carlstein
Although most things seem to be rising in price with the reason/excuse being the Covid pandemic, I think that’s just an example of Amazon (and maybe driven by the manufacturer) price fluctuation.
It seems currently its at a high, almost all time high.
For those desperate for the PowerBank then thats what it is.
But for those that can wait, I’m sure the voucher will disappear soon to make way for an actual price saving that will take it even lower.

This night exclusive to Anker products, but to most of the prices I track on Amazon.


Demand or supply?

More buying driving up price, or supply issue driving up price?

I am ok waiting. Or rather I’m ok with those with more urgent needs having them met, I generously allow them first.

That’s a crazy price hike!


It’s not just suply or demand but the increase in tarrifs on imported goods, not to mention the increase in production cost of certain goods and electronics.

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I’ve noticed this too, I was looking to buy a powerhouse 100. When it was announced at CES 2020 MSRP was $150. It’s now listed at $200 up 33% though I did noticed it was down to $109 in June.

They do have good sales every once in a while :+1:

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