Anker Auction House | Smart Scale P1


Hi everyone!

Welcome back to the Anker Auction House!

Today’s auction: Smart Scale P1

Our friends over at eufy have very generously offered us up one of their excellent Smart Scale P1s. This sleek-looking smart scale offers:

  • Instant readings for 14 insightful measurements of your body’s health.
  • Compatibility with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.
  • Precise measurements with improved accuracy.
  • Tracking of up to 16 users from one account, so the whole family can stay fit.

We’ll start the bidding at 10 PowerBucks. So take out your Power wallets, and get ready for a bidding war!

Good luck!

The Rules:

  1. Bidding starts at 10 PowerBucks.
  2. Users may raise the bid in the comments by numbers divisible by 10 (10, 20, 30, etc.), and may not raise the bid by more than 100 PowerBucks at one time.
  3. Users may not bid in excess of their current balance of PowerBucks.
  4. The highest bidder at the end of the auction will win.
  5. If the highest bidder at the end of the auction does not have the required balance of PowerBucks, the prize will go to the next-highest bidder.
  6. The PowerBucks required for the prize will be withdrawn from the winner’s account within 3 business days of the winning announcement being made.
  7. Each user may make an unlimited number of bids.
  8. This auction event ends on July 2nd, 2020 at 12:00 am, PDT. The winner will be announced on July 3rd.
  9. Open to residents in the US, UK, Canada and Germany.
  10. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Winner Announced!

@Shenoy has won the auction, and will be bringing home a Smart Scale P1 for 1070 powerbucks. Congratulations!

If you don’t win this time, no worries! Let us know what you’d like to see on the next auction block, and we’ll try to make it happen. !:kissing_heart:

Power On!


Very good.
Next fun!


Ok I’ll start 10

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I will not take part my weight is fine.

But for all here who are bidding.
If you win it, don’t donate the scale to your wife/girlfriend!
This could be totally misunderstood.
Be careful!!! :rofl:


I follow up with 20

30 bid

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Good luck to everyone who enters!

I don’t need a scale to call me fat- that’s what siblings are for :rofl:.

I’ll probably just watch this auction :eyes:.


This is too much excitement, another auction!
Well done @AnkerOfficial.
I have the C1 so will wish everyone the best of luck.

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40 powerbucks

Thanks for another Auction event within short time @AnkerOfficial :grinning:

My bid 50 bucks

Probably to “make up” for the long gap while they were transitioning between admins on the forum.

Though Pei definitely didn’t have to do this :pray:t2::+1:

I think Pei is staying on top of all the activities in the forum and keeping us engaged.
May be Anker re-adjusted some roles within the team and let Pei focus on this task.

Nice auction, good product here too. I already have a smart scale, but this one is probably better, so I am torn…

Thank you @AnkerOfficial Pei for this Auction House event … Smart Scale P1 is a great product :+1:

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Which smart scale do you have- out of curiosity?

There are already two eufy scales in my house so I’ll pass. Excited to see how this pans out

An Etekcity smart scale I picked up on sale.

The software is nothing special, but it records the numbers and gives you a basic glance at changes over time. I just want to track changes over time without manually entering data into a spreadsheet, it does that. You can always export the data to a spreadsheet if you want fancy stuff. I don’t particularly trust the bioimpedance derived numbers, but the weight tracks with other scales I have used.

I think Eufy has better software, but at the time the price was really too good to pass up.

I had such one!
Take a look at the scale! -> Perfect using a mirror! :rofl:


I lost 35 lbs since pandemic shutdown and my 10 yr old scale is working fantastic. Why jinx it :slight_smile:

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