Anker Astro E1

Hello I recently bought this portable charger and it has been working until recently, it started to stop after a few seconds of plugging in the charger. Even when I press the button on the charger, it does the same thing. Can anyone help please thank you.

I would suggest charging the power bank overnight, if that does not work use one cable to connect the USB output to the input to reset it. You can do the reset method first if you would like, if it works it will produce faster results.

@TheExoticBullet_Gami Are you trying to charge the Astro E1 or charge a device from it?

If the Astro E1 is not charging correctly, as @andrewGholden374 has suggested try a reset of the unit by looping the input and output ports to reset the unit before completing an overnight charge. Trying a fresh charging cable is often a good idea also.

If you are trying to charge from the Astro E1, what device are you trying to charge as the power draw might be lower than is required to keep the Astro E1 active for charging.