Anker as a company name hmmm?

I don’t know if anyone could really answer this apart from the CEO of Anker or maybe everyone knows but I’ll ask anyways. So I thought this might be a cool and quite interesting backstory behind this on how the Company started and why the is company is called Anker in the start any backstory?

This question you’d better ask Steven Yang!!!:laughing::laughing:

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How could I get in contact with him whenever he’s maybe got a moment? I’d honestly be quite interested in a possible backstory would be cool. Also why hasn’t there been any documentary’s about Anker or has there?!?

I’d watch an anker documentary lol

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Great question, I’d love to know their story

According to Wikipedia:

Anker is a Chinese electronics brand owned by Anker Innovations[1] based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The brand is known for producing computer and mobile peripherals. The name Anker comes from the German word for anchor.

I asked the question some times ago.
There was given a useful answer.
May be you find that thread.

Good idea! Hope we can have one in someday!

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I feel theirs like a goodback story like the Founder of Anker had his laptop battery break and wanted other battery alternatives and they were to expensive or they were low capacity or something so he got the bright idea of making batteries lol.

:rofl: :rofl: maybe that was the reason he started the business

Definitely something I’d watch too… Maybe the first battery is in a museum and it’ll feature on secrets of the museum or something‽

That’d be quite interesting to see lol.

Maybe the thriving, involving and inclusive forum could be mentioned if that documentary ever happened :tongue:


. I already read once somewhere but Yang named the company Anker, after the German word for ship anchor.

The story of the company is within the link provided by @AnkerOfficial. :):grinning:


This video will be good, to start off where and how it all began, how sister brands started, New ideas, and the community,

Interesting point! I’m curious myself now that you brought it up.

Here’s one video from 2016:

Last year, I met him at an Anker event. A really down to Earth guy:


And we all help here to keep the company “down to earth” :smiley:


Do you have opportunity to talk to him? Haha

That’s pretty cool!