An Idea For Posting Deals

I feel there’s a bit of confusion. I was referring to continuously updating a single thread with every deal you find. That is what is a lot of work. You have to constantly keep track of when a deal ends, if it comes back, what new deals come and keep updating the post thus.

It’s not the editing itself, it’s the constant updating. My point was that we shouldn’t force users to do that in order to share a deal. I believe Shenoy thought that’s what I was implying, when it wasn’t even a thought in my mind. I was just clearing it up :grin:. I too edit posts on a regular basis :innocent:

That was the old me, the new me is TechMan. Now there is a new Anjou :joy:

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The way this post looks, it will have a negative impact on overall Anker community and also may impact the sales and deals happening via Anker community. We don’t want ideology of few individuals dictate terms for everyone.

This community is handled and owned by Anker and they should decide what is best for the community, about posting deals or not, single easy to understand threads or confusing multi products in a single thread,

As it is, easier to search and use single deal versus a lot posted in one shot. Not sure if everyone really looks at lot of deals posted in one post.

I think you’re meaning you’d like a feature for auto closing of a thread, so someone can set that time to match the end of the deal?

Currently people tend to edit the subject [Expired]

I looked and find this



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Lol not what I meant at all, but that does seem like a good idea.

in reality the current many deals in one thread is a 1:1 match to the email from Anker themselves, and the many individual threads for individual deals arises out of the chronology of when people find them. I only put multiple manually in 1 thread if I find them at the same time.

if you’re saying we should not ask / convention to merge all the deals into one thread, then I agree as all it does is change what you search and how you search, it changes from scrolling down in deals section to opening every single thread and scrolling within. The latter happens infrequently as it’s usually caused 1:1 by Anker in their infrequently, roughly biweekly, emails.

@Shenoy, I encourage you to take a step back and consider a broader perspective. Nobody wants any changes to have a negative impact on the community. We are members of the community, after all.

This post is not bad. In fact, it’s good! It is a discussion regarding the current way of posting deals. Users are trying to figure out if there may be a better way to go about it. You have voiced your opinion, and that’s great, but you cannot just assume that everyone shares the same views as you. Perhaps some people would rather just have one thread, especially for meager discounts.

If someone does not want to have this discussion – to see what forms of sharing deals are most effective – then that’s okay, they don’t have to share their opinion, but to advocate against this discussion is the same as adding to the problem and not helping come to a solution.

I’m curious, what about this discussion suggests anything otherwise? Obviously @TechMan doesn’t have the authority to make any changes himself (and I doubt he would without consulting others first anyway). Even the mods most certainly lack this power.

You just suggested a change to the community the other day (even though it had been posted a couple times before, but to your credit, you added a poll). How is this any different?

Also a couple of quick notes regarding the social media sharing:

  1. Most users on here do not have a huge following on social media.
  2. Those who do have large followings are probably not sharing the deals.
  3. Even if they wanted to share a thread with multiple deals in it and mention the one that the recommended in the post.

I really don’t see the issue here, either.

Just thought I’d add in an example where people may have differing views.

@Shenoy did not seem to like @Shivam_Shan’s style of posting deals (I actually prefer this style, but that’s besides the point). However, others clearly liked it. In fact, the posted he linked to was had 15 likes and was even pinned by @AnkerOfficial at one point.


Wise words :point_up:

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Just saw a comment that struck me as ignorant and wanted to emphasize that everyone’s opinions matter.


OK I think this has been debated.

Right, over to Anker to make some great deals so we have something worthy to post :slight_smile:


There is only one difference - the one I requested will benefit (hopefully) with showcasing Anker / Sister company products… Adds to growth of Anker as a brand.

I requested to add option for gallery, which is an “addition” and adds to / benefits the community and Anker overall.

I did not ask the community to take a step in the opposite direction / step back and restricting or regulating posts.

Everyone has a right to place opinion and overall has to be judged by opinion poll and blessed by Anker.

See the poll numbers for the post you mentioned above for gallery and this post, it should be clear.
This post has voter hidden :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Hope this response helps / answers your question.

By us, yes. But others are still welcome to join!

I think you’re still missing the point, @Shenoy. The people advocating for a change to the way deals are posted are not advocating for a step backwards. They think it would be an improvement. Just wanna make that clear!

In my opinion, all polls should be anonymous, but that is another discussion for another day.


Well another day, another interesting debate :grin:

Will have a re-read and think and post my take tomorrow…

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Opinion and advocating are pretty close to one another… In this case, it is only my opinion, people are free to place their opinions, and this debate can go on for days.

It is not me missing your point or you missing my point, we are individuals and bound to have different views, and It is another of these debates which is like a endless game. I will just leave it to @AnkerOfficial.

Just rest assured that everyone wants what’s best for the community!

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Separate post for your notes… For benefit of all members who may not be aware of Hashtags or their ignorance. I am no influencer and have not many followers but for a post to have visibility, members can use Hashtags. Posting to social media with Hashtags does have benefits. Using Hashtags associated with Anker and Soundcore does work!

I agree on this one line :+1:

I don’t mind the multiple threads for different deals

I do need to go through all these threads

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That would drive me crazy.
Think i showed thousands of notifications when i changed the watching/tracking options.
The “dismiss” option came in handy that day :sunglasses:

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It used to bother me when I was new to the site but then I got used to it. There are times when I go through 10 or threads but then 30 new pop up lol

At this point I’m collecting threads like I collect cables :rofl:

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Haha, good call @ikari04warrior

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