Amazon suspends all non essential shipments


Makes sense. Good idea.

There’s plenty of items we need less than these.

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Good to see a big player making some sensible decisions.

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Amazon workers will like this


Apparently are looking to employ 10000 more staff across the US, that’s a big number.

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The move from physical shopping to virtual shopping, home delivery, will create opportunities, probably as great as the losses being experienced.

Antennae up for opportunity.

As there aren’t enough delivery vans and drivers to replace people going in their cars, there’s a need for people to use bikes to fan-out from the truck to each door. If someone wants to earn a $ then get on your bike.

While the 1% mortality will be emotionally painful for most of us, the fact the young will be mildly impacted physically will be a good chance for them to be put to use more in delivery while mom and pop cough for a few weeks.

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Really? I had no idea. I was offered a job at one of their warehouses but decline due to low starting pay

Market forces.

If supply lowers or demand increases, then price increases.

Also if you have unique skills.

We have never had the era of the Internet and a Pandemic before, so there’s little safe extrapolation, but I can squint and see the opportunity for Amazon here. This Pandemic by my own simple math gets me to about 4-5 months before most of us are over the worst.

Things will get interesting that’s for sure.
At least the memes are on point lol

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Great decision :clap::clap::clap:

Sainsbury supermarkets are expanding the click and collect service in a move to keep online deliveries for the over 70’s and those with disabilities.
Again, another good move from a big retailer.

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It seems this claim is mostly false according to Please refer to amazon and the included link for current information.

Please refer to the following link and check the amazon site.

No it is just people not reading accurately.

The warehouses have goods in and out. Everyone here is seeing shipments and thinking its out to us the consumer. No its shipments to the warehouse.

This implies that if you have a non-medical need, eventually, as warehouse stocks empty, you may have an issue. Eventually. But it needs the medical needs to be so high the ability to stock non-medical gets squeezed out. So when someone sees the lack of delivery of, say, headphones, there is at that stage a much bigger problem which is rightly being solved.

Fair enough.

Smart decision by Amazon no need to risk workers health to drop off things that can wait.