All of the Anker headphones have faulty design? How to fix it?

The band of my Soundcore Vortex broke down when I was putting on them.
It seems like faulty design, because other users have the same problem with it.

As some guy in that thread said, these headphones are designed to fail that way.
Distributor of Anker in my country doesn’t want to accept a warranty, because it is “mechanical damage”.
Yes, it is mechanical damage, but seems like it comes from faulty design.

The worst part is that I really like these headphones and I would like to buy them again, but they will probably break up in a few months once again. Is there a way of fixing headphones with some spare part? I also wonder if all of the Anker headphones have this issue? I would like to buy another model if this issue is fixed.

The Vortex was one of their early designs, the Q20, Q30 and the coming Q35 are the successors, look at them. Q30 is a good all-rounder, if ANC matters more then Q20 has better ANC. Q35 not launched but better audio version of Q30.

The Q30 I know has metal band over top but there’s still plastic I think around the hinge so can still break.

It is worth highlighting value for money, the price is lower than others which last longer.

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I have the Q30’s and after 3 months of light use, the plastic started to fail on that model as well.

Considering they nailed all the hard to achieve goals (great sound, battery, ANC, etc) it blows my mind the plastic isn’t redesigned.