All I Want for Christmas is...🥳

Thanks Andrew

Much appreciated :santa:

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All I want for Christmas… Is a Flare+ twin pack.

Thank you @AnkerOfficial for this Christmas Gift … our Anker’s very own Santa Claus is coming over

All I want for Christmas is PowerPort Strip PD 6

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I don’t think there is a flare+ twin pack. There is a twin pack for the regular flares though…

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Hi guys it’s been a while! Well since it’s my birthday today…All I Want For Christmas is to have an awesome birthday by getting Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro! Thanks Anker! Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy birthday :+1:


You will absolutely love that flashlight. I’ve had one for years and it’s a beast!

Thanks man!

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All I want for christmas is eufy video doorbell :smiley:


All I want for Christmas is a Powerline+ II USB C to Lightning Cable.

All I want for Christmas is the PowerCore+ 26800 PD w/ 30w Power Delivery Charger

All I want for Christmas is a Nebula Capsule Max


All I want for Christmas is a Soundcore Infini Pro! Thanks Anker, You’re the best!


All I want for Christmas is a EufyCam 2 system!!!

Good to know. If I get one thru here I would be ecstatic, but I will probably still buy one after x-mas if I dont.

All I want for Christmas is a RoboVac 15C MAX.

Little backstory on my choice. My wife and I have 2 daughters, one just turned 2 last month, the other is turning 1 next month. Both of us work and get the spend the evenings/weekends with them while the in-laws watch them at our house during the week. Once we get home (me about 2 hours before my wife) it is non-stop cooking/taking care of them until they go to bed. Vacuuming is done as much as possible (Either with my Eufy HomeVac or my Shark) when I can, but once they are asleep, that is a non-option. Our dog Sunny is amazing with them, but being like other dogs, he sheds. Quick runs with a vacuum can only get so much, with deep cleaning occurring on the weekends. This would help out immensely with just being able to set it to run upstairs in-between nap times to help keep it as clean as possible.

Best of luck to everyone and Happy Holidays!


All I want for Christmas is … a Powerhouse 200

yeah, the 400 has more juice, but sometimes a bit more compact is key.

How about the products not available in these countries yet? @AnkerOfficial
If we get chosen and the product I wanted is not in the local market yet, will that be made as a special delivery? or the worst case my entry is disqualified??
Please advise.

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Would it be greedy to ask for 2 Flare+?
I mean, they can be paired! So having just 1 It might get lonely!

That’s a good choice of product :ok_hand: