Ali-Express PD Giveaway

Anyone else seen this on the Anker Facebook

What is Power Delivery to you? Have a chance to win a $150 tech bundle! Take a look:


The link takes you to here, but you MUST do this on Ali-Express. Comments here will not count. Hit the link above

Hello, ANKER Fans,

828 Brands Shopping Week is coming soon! To celebrate the upcoming big shopping festival, we are gonna do something for fun!

Right! Simple send free gifts to your guys! Randomly choosing 50 winners to get Anker special gifts!

And everyone can get special coupons who makes comments here (only after you comment will see the FLIP ‘ N ’ game)!

Now, Let’s look How to Get it for FREE!




First, Let’s have a break to see What is Power Delivery!

Power Delivery is the official fast charging specification published by the USB-IF. Phone and tablet charging speeds used to be limited by technology that only supported a tiny 20W of power. But with the introduction of USB-C and Power Delivery, that limit has been boosted to a massive 100W. This means that not only can USB-C power laptops, computers, TVs and other electronic devices.

Say goodbye to bags and shelves full of tangled chargers. Charge It All With One Charger

Anker was the first brand to develop portable, wall, and car chargers that use USB-C and Power Delivery technology.Anker Chargers Change Lives

What makes these so fast?

Anker uses its proprietary PowerIQ 3.0 technology for high-speed charging with gallium nitride components. GaN is replacing silicon in a lot of electronics, because it takes up less space than silicon and can be more efficient. With that in mind, Anker has been able to slim down these charging bricks but also deliver a fast charging experience.

WOW, Finally, The Time of Spot Bonus!

How to Get it for FREE!

Step 1: Subscribe our store

Step 2: leave a comment telling us what kind of phone you have and whether or not it supports Power Delivery fast charging.

It’s that simple! Then all the gift and big amount coupon ready to jump into your pocket!

After we’ve received your entries we’ll randomly choose 50 lucky fans to win a prize.

1st Prize: A tech bundle worth $150! (10 available)

2nd Prize: An Anker charging kit worth $40 including PowerPort PD 2 and PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning Cable. (40 available)

(Note: Each AliExpress ID limited 1 Valid comments/day, if comments over 1 times/day, Award qualification will be cancelled for this aliexpress ID)

The list of winners will be announced on August 20th, 2019!!! Winners must contact the seller to claim their prize before August 31st, 2019.


Anker will be having a Featured Brand sale from August 26th to August 30th. Bookmark our store now to avoid missing out on a wide range of amazing deals (BTW, we will send free projectors in upcoming feed posts, DON’T MISS OUT!)

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Very very interesting… good luck to everyone who enters!

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Shame about the lead!

So bored of iPhone centric competitions. Win an iPad, win a lightning cable, whatever it is, it’s almost always some isheep prize.

Android market is so so much bigger than apple, yet these companies think we all want iPhone outdated stuff.

I hate that too, but even still i wouldnt mind winning the rest of the stuff. I can give the iphone cable to the inlaws and keep the rest.

Thanks for sharing @Oggyboy. I’ll make sure to enter. I’m overdue to win something by now :grimacing:

You and me both my brother friend

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Let’s keep our fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I think I’m.coming up to my 12 month anniversary of winning something … Christmas doesn’t count, as I defaulted a win due to coming on here.

So last actual win was last year’s Thanksgiving.

Early March you won the powerdraw…

Nice giveaway!!

Oh, I forgot about that. Only 5o

Months ago then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

interesting… Good luck everyone

Thanks @Oggyboy for sharing this!

Kept looking for how to enter the contest, found this on AliExpress Site, may be useful to felloW members planning to join this contest

Made a small guide for members to join the contest quick from smartphone (iPhone in my case) hope it’s useful –

Download the Ali-Express App

Register on AliExpress via the app or login if you already have the account.

Search Anker

Follow the Anker Official Store on the Top Right Side of the screen

Click on “what is power delivery?” As highlighted below

Takes you to the comments section

Click on “View More”

Submit your comment on what kind of phone you have and if it supports PD… that’s it!!

Best of luck everyone!


Great step by step guide! Btw, is it a one time only or once a day until the contest is over?

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Thank you @ikari04warrior

It’s a one time event, follow the Anker Official Store and write a comment with the answer for the question.

Edit - 1 comment per day, daily.


Each AliExpress ID limited 1 Valid comments/day, if comments over 1 times/day, Award qualification will be cancelled for this aliexpress ID

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Thanks buddy, I’m actually doing it right now :+1:

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Actually you can comment once a day as per the rules
Note: Each AliExpress ID limited 1 Valid comments/day, if comments over 1 times/day, Award qualification will be cancelled for this aliexpress ID


Thanks @Tank , will edit my Previous post

@ikari04warrior it is 1comment per day and my mistake :worried:

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Awesome, I’ll try to remember and leave a comment each day :grin:

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