AI not available when door sensors added

Hi everyone,
I’ve come across this very strange problem today. I only own my eufycam system for a week and added door sensors this weekend and noticed that as soon as those sensors were added, the AI wasn’t working anymore. When the cameras detected me, they said “someone” was detected, and within the settings menu, the “smart detection” just lead to a blank screen.
I tried rebooting the Homebase, but that didn’t solve it.
Only after I removed the door sensors the AI came back.
Anyone else have this problem?

i would send support a message about this, you may be the first to report this and they need to release a fix for it

I already sent a message from inside the app.

And an update on the issue:
With 1 sensor added to the system, AI still works, with 2 it disappears.

May be something to do with the recent Eufy server outage… may be one of the AI related server is still powered off… support may answer them later today or tomorrow

Never heard of it before. I only have 1 sensor so, cannot simulate your issue. But mine works fine and no issues with AI .
Since you are in good hands of eufy support already, I will let them deal with it.

I had a first reply today, but that was nothing else than to check if re-installing the app makes any difference. Which it does not.

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Stop posting spam links to external sites that can be malicious, you do this everytime you post

Cheers @Tank user has been raised with the admins previously, will re-raise…

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Just an update: I received an email from support that they have found the cause and it will be fixed in the next app update, comming in about a week or so.

Great to have such a support crew.

The update is available and solves the problem.