Advanced User Tutorial - Where is it?

Hey Guys
Been browsing through the badges, now I’m on a bit of a mission :roll_eyes:
Anyone know where to find the Advanced User Tutorial?

Advanced user tutorial for, you mean how to attain it or more on how to get the badges?

Badges are sort of lot, hope Anker had some funky charge related badges Similar to Soundcore badges like Pop or Rock


Hi @Shenoy hope you’ve had a great weekend.
How to attain it. I’ve searched and couldn’t locate it.

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unfortunately… there is no guide created by @AnkerOfficial for advanced user tutorial.

Hopefully Anker will publish something for it in near future.


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What do you mean by advanced user? Of which product?

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Hi @Rhapsody
I’m on a mission to attain some badges and one of them is to “Complete the advanced user tutorial” but I can’t work out what that is.

Still working on the process to complete it…know the initial steps to get to it but it seems to stop after the first few steps :thinking:

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I can’t even find it, where is it @ndalby?

It doesnt look like the bot is configured to respond to the tutorial

I’ve done this with several other forums that use the same software so its relatively easy to do

Note no one has the basic tutorial badge either so its likely the bot is not configured to respond properly to commands


You have to message the forum bot to get the tutorial and the advanced tutorial going

However at least in my observation the bot is not configured correctly, so sending the correct command doesnt work

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It seems that way - an impossible badge @AnkerOfficial ?

Aug 2021 and still not available @AnkerOfficial

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The elusive badge @Phil_F