Add Homekit support with firmware update to Home alarm kit (all sensors) and eufy floodlight

I would love to trigger homekit automations that work in conjunction with eufy sensors (entry and motion) found in the eufy alarm kit. Would it be possible to release a firmware update that adds homekit support for the alarm kit and the various sensors?

I would also love to see an update on the eufy floodlight that adds homekit support and a 2K camera.

Hi @juan_m,

We really appreciate your support in our brand and we are so glad to hear you are interested in our Eufy security series.

To address your concern, the IndoorCam and Floodlight supports connected to the Router directly for recording.

For the Homebase intergation, we will consider the possibility of future development.
Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us at