Activity Zones issue since App Update (Android)

After the last Android App update the activity zones are broken. If you set up the zones , close the app and then open it again, the zones are deleted.

App version is: 2.1.0_698(EU)
Homebase2 Firmware: Sys / Sub
Cam 2c Firmwares: Sys 1.6.7 / Sub 1.0.70-20200706


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You can try using the app version you had before

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@ikari04warrior Believe you cannot go back to previous version if updated via Google Playstore or iOS APP store.

@Snowrisk One option is if you had the APK downloaded (highly unlikely)… Leaving you with only option of reaching out to Eufy Security support – May be they can rectify this in next app update / firmware update or provide the APK download for previous Eufy App


Hmm I think you can via downloading the older version on the web and installing over the version you have on the phone. I’m too lazy right to try it my myself lol
But hopefully rudy can help him better :+1:


Thanks. Have already opened a ticket at

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I remember a day when things didn’t rely on updates, they were released as a working product not a work in progress.

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With a non-updated app on another device everything works. Only if you want to edit the Zones with the new app, they will be deleted. I am in contact with the support and wait for a solution (hopefully) :smile:

Great!! I do the same trick, update app on my spare and only if it works right, update it on my main phone :smiley:

Best of luck and do let us know what Support replies with!

@Shenoy @ikari04warrior
Here is the answer from support:

Hello Jens,

thank you for your feedback and assistance.
The error was found. Sorry for the circumstances.
It was indeed a bug - it has now been fixed.

Please install App 2.1.1 which will be rolled out tonight (within 48 hours at the latest).
This fixes the problem.

I apologize very much for the circumstances, look forward to your feedback if the new app could solve the problem and wish you a pleasant day.


@Snowrisk thank you for posting the update / response from Support !

Can you please share us an image depicting the issue?

@lulacox1973 Image from what?

I got the new Version and it works again like expected.

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great news!! glad it is working for you now.