AAA Big Surprise | Anker Power Goes Old School

I know right so old school

Can these be recycled? I never know what to do with non-rechargeable batteries.

We have plan to launch the rechargeable battery. Stay tuned!:blush:


Recycled Yes Recharged No but like Anker said :arrow_up: they will be coming out with rechargeable double A’s and triple A’s


That’s great news!!! I will wait for this announcement… :+1:

Sorry ANKER but BLACKUBE that post @TheDude was WONDERFULL !!!

Anker rechargeable batteries will coming soon! Stay tuned!


I need some of these. I’ve been thinking about buying some of these to keep my remotes and camera flash charged and ready to go. Hopefully Anker will make a good charger for these.

With a case too for storage and will they be capatable with other battery chargers?

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Glad to see you finally successful log in to your old account!:blush:
Currently, we haven’t confirm the plan, so I can’t share more information right now.

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Thanks for all your hard work. I was able to enter on one of the items in the PowerDraw. On a side note, any plans for a Usb-C to Usb-C Powerline +II shorter than 3 feet? I have two of the standard cables that come with powerbanks showing wire. I thought about getting a one foot Powerline + lo and just using an adapter. Think about having the cable that comes with the power bank wrapped around the powerbank. I thought about unplugging it and tucking it away in the pouch, however that tends to make the package in even and poking in a poker. USB a to Usb-C double nylon bradded shorter than 3 feet is what I’m getting at (phone placed on top of the powerbank in a poker.

So…I’m not sure I actually won this. LOL! Could my name up there have been a mistake, @AnkerTechnical? I’m pretty sure I guessed AA and AAA batteries, but I might have guessed they were rechargeable. I’m not sure.

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@TheCharneco you are an honest person and a great contributor to this forum.
You will do a great job in reviewing this item even if a mistake has been made :smile:

I got that two anker does that if you didn’t win it’s a nice little touch

Just received my Anker AAA batteries! Awesome!


Guess I should expect mine soon :grin:

@AnkerTechnical @ankerofficial
Any plans to release these batteries in Canada? been waiting for a while and still don’t see them on Amazon or elsewhere.
Now I need some batteries TODAY, but can wait if they are coming any sooner.


Aha!.. :wink:

@AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical, the review is FINALLY up!

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