45w on Solar/Vega Portable

Just a quick question…is 45w enough to charge the Solar/Vega Portable models? How about 30w? Or will that be too slow?

Preferably these 2…



It comes with a 65W charger.

If you are seeking to know minimum then there are two questions. What is the minimum to both operate the projector and have excess spare power to also recharge the battery, and the sub question is how much slower is the recharge. What is the minimum to recharge a powered off projector and how slow is that.

Probably none here know, probably neither does Nebula, so you should email Nebula and reply here with their response.

Yes as a new Solar Portable owner I’ve been looking to get a USB C 20,000 mah power bank to support the inbuilt battery and keen to know this too! Happy to report my findings once purchased

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The Nebula charger is 65W PD, a PD Powercore would be more likely to work than a non PD Powercore. If you have not yet purchased then try for a PD Powercore, the entry level now is 20W which is 9V. The Nebula 65W is 20V.

The manual says Power supply: 20V 3.25A which implies nothing less than 20V will work.

The battery is 11V implying nothing less than 15V, so 45W, will work.

Good testing.

Correct, this is more two questions.

Seems need 20V to be able to get anything to work. You may be able to get a lower 20V Watts to work.

So not really about Watts to work. Watts only impact how well it works.

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