3 Eufy security forum contest for US, UK, and DE

Eufy security has a 3 contest from the one thread US thread. You just make a post and then the most likes will win a prizes… US is top 5, UK is top 3, and DE is top 3.

So far DE has 5 post. UK has 7 and US has 31


US prize is a Roav Smart Charge


UK prize is a free Solo Indoor Cam P24 or SoloCam E40


The DE folks prize is
IndoorCam P24 or SoloCam E40

I know we did the likes on a couple of contest in the past for others.

So I thought that if you were wanting to try for this that we could at least go like it for each other to help the other out to give all a head start.

I figured once you post a comment that you can let each know what thread you posted on (UK, US, or DE) and we can go like it for them.

Or you can use the link from your post, copy it and past it in the comments to have us taken directly to it. image

Anyway… Good luck and I hope to be liking for several members.


Thank you for publishing.
But there is no need for such a camera for me.
So to all other participants from Germany :
But of course I can vote for well known regulars.
Those who taking part, please Let us know!
I am in for voting and of course also the family here.


I was thinking that your kids could use it if you had got it. :wink: I know I gave my son a few things that I had for college

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No there is not such a need.
I gave a RoboVac to my daughter, my son bought one.
They both and a lot of friends have been donated a lot of useful things.
Enjoy the weekend Duane,.
We in Germany are on the way to the next lockdown.
Meanwhile in Bavaria all Bars and nightclubs will be closed on Monday.
Even for those who got a vacc.
Hard times again.

Thanks for the heads up!


Same, thanks for the heads up!

I liked your post Duane. Posting mine here, and happy to like the posts for anyone else who does likewise! Always prefer to see community members winning vs some random strangers.


Got yours liked too

Currently De and UK has 13 and 16 comments right now. So would be an easier for you all right now.

I did. I am the “C” :laughing:
If there are others from the family taking part.
Please let us know!


Hey guys, here’s my entry.

Liked @Duane_Lester

Liked @jercox

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I am in Paul,:grinning: what else!

I know why you want such a camera.
Looking where parcels will be going and hided.
But you will get knowledge
when you see the impressive coach of the ROYAL MAIL.

And here in Germany I can hear the donkey roar of DHL delivering by cart.
All so easy in the future. :joy:

Liked @Chiquinho

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Haha, DHL seem to be OK in the U.K. in my experience.
Yes, I may see the Hermes van come and throw packages at my house, or the neighbours :hushed:

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I have another idea.
Should be faster!



Liked yours…

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Where is yours?

Actually is this you @Chiquinho