2K Clarity, Without the Wiring - The eufy Security Battery Video Doorbell

I enjoy my door cam. It’s perfect for my home and the interface works fine on iOS.

Hi, when can we buy this doorbell in the Netherlands?

@AnkerOfficial more details or comparison needed between this model and the previous wired Doorbell.

  • Having battery backup is the only difference?
  • why this one has to be with a homebase? (only for secure storage?)
  • Can I link both these variants to my existing homebase (original)?
  • Is Homekit coming to any of these 2 models??

We would love to launch it to UK and other regions ASAP.
The regulations in UK are different from that in the US. We need more time to get certified and expect to launch it in Q2, 2020.
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Stay tuned!


Sure! That has been in the plan. Our factory is working around the clock to manufacture the product.
If everything goes well, we will launch it in April.


Thanks for the feedback. May I know if you’re referring to the newly launched battery doorbell or other products? We can follow up in person and figure it out. Please email us on support@eufylife.com.

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Correct. All cameras and doorbell connected to HomeBase share its 16GB storage.

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Thank you!

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We would love to launch it to other regions ASAP.
The regulations in EU are different from that in the US. We need more time to get certified and expect to launch it in Q2, 2020.
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Stay tuned!

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How about Australia please?

Great to hear. Will keep an eye out for it in April

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ohh nice gonna wait for it to go on sale before picking one up

Thanks for your interest in learning more on our doorbell products.

You may consider the wired doorbell as a doorbell with consistent power supply. It’s active 24x7.

The battery doorbell gets power supply directly from its builtin battery. So most of the time it’s in power saving mode to preserve power. It has a motion sensor to detect events and wake up the camera. It’s more like our battery powered eufyCam. Though it supports user connect the doorbell to existing doorbell wires, this is mainly for battery re-charge and trigger original chime to sound. Hardwiring the battery doorbell doesn’t make it a 24x7 active doorbell.

For those who have existing doorbell wiring at the front door and are comfortable to deal with doorbell wiring and chime, we recommend the wired doorbell.
For those who don’t have existing doorbell wiring or just want an easy DIY doorbell, the battery doorbell is better.

In regard to the HomeBase, the battery doorbell must work with the HomeBase like the eufyCam. This is for the proprietary low-power wireless connection and in-house video storage.
The wired doorbell doesn’t support connecting to HomeBase yet, but it’s clear it can support that and we’re working on it.
For the HomeKit support, we are evaluating that for the battery doorbell. Since Apple has specific performance and use experience requirements, we can’t give a quick yes or no yet. Stay tuned.


Looks pretty cool! May need to grab one!

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Thank you @AnkerTechnical for your response. It seems like Wired options is best for my case.

Hope this will be done soon and made available so I can use my existing Homebase (V1) to store more videos and not worry about running out of memory or loosing the device. :crossed_fingers:


Micro sd card slot would be nice to upgrade onboard storage to end users choice

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Does the wired version have the same lens and AI technology as the wireless one?

seems the “sony lens” is promoted here along with some sort of AI chipset, is this the case for the hardwired too?

Amazing. Glad to see a doorbell with great features and no monthly fee…

Love to see an option to buy just a doorbell (without the hub) to extend to a second door or for folks that already have a hub with the eufy 2 cams…

3s pre-buffer recording is not available if wired?

hello, thanks

Apparently not - which is a pity :frowning: