29% Off PowerLine II USBC to Lightning Cable 1.8mtr Amazon Deal

£5 off voucher available on this cable bringing this longer length lead down to £11.99.


Nice deal :+1:

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Nice discount :ok_hand:

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Thanks @Daiross @ikari04warrior
Hope you’ve had a great day and are keeping well.


Hoho good find :+1:

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The voucher scheme is weird, I wanted 2 cables, Only £5 came off. I had to order twice, each getting £5 off. So that’s more cardboard and postal effort.

This is currently the lowest cost C-L cable Anker sells, happens to be 6ft. I’m waiting for a deal on 3ft version, currently more expensive than 6ft.

By the way, 16-5, is that 12 or 11?..

Indeed @professor you would think if you added multiple items to your basket it would allow multiple vouchers.
I bet loads of people just checkout and not pay attention or just assume you can only use one voucher.
And updated price :+1:t2: