1st time reviewer, PowerWave Pad


For some reason my link to my Instagram review comes up as invalid, so I wanted to share here as well (first time reviewing for the Testing Club, so I hope it’s just a simple operator error).

My first impression of this wireless pad was pretty basic, but my brother has used a similar product, with positive reviews. I was hoping this would be truly wireless, but it does have a cord to connect it to a power source. Connecting this was very easy and the pad acknowledged it was on with a blue light on the left side.
I put my phone on the pad at 42%, and the pad said it would take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge. To compare, I then connected my regular phone charger and saw that it was only a 30 minute difference in charging time. Overall, the pad will be a nice decorative way to charge my phone on my desk, but I don’t see myself going out of my way to buy this given it’s not charging my phone faster than the regular cord does.

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Hey @cqudpi nice review.
When you say there was a 30 minute difference in charge time was that quicker or slower?

The images show that the wireless is 28 minutes SLOWER than the wired.

It says the wireless is “fast charging” so maybe 10W?
The wired must be a high speed charger as well, like 20W?

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Good spot @onstar hope you’ve had a great day :+1:t2:

Good job on the review

Nice review, I love how the wireless one says fast charging yet take longer than the “normal” charging option :laughing: :man_facepalming:

Great review :clap: :clap:

Yeah, it is interesting that there is a difference in charging, being that the wireless is slower. Are you using a brick that outputs specific wattage? And I believe the Samsung chargers are high speed charging too. This makes me very curious.