15% off Soundcore motion+ with coupon




Nice deal!!


great offer, thanks for sharing!


I thought it was a good one.


I’m tempted to use this one myself.


Nice discount for a good speaker, thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:


The speaker is a real great one.
If somebody needs such a treasure, go for it.
I and the others who were invited to test will confirm.


You have personally used the motion+?


I think someone here will make use of the discount.


Sweet deal :clap:


Some of us own this speaker and wrote reviews.
Seek for these and form your won opinion.


Sweet deal! I love the look of this speaker.


Same here, and the best part is it has a lot of power to back it up.


I’ve already found a few, both on the community and off, they have been quite positive.


Ja, its really pretty loud. :smiley:

I run it in here my “private office” about 40% AND the preamp of the eq is -5.


Sounds pretty nice.


Nice offer