15.6-Inch USB-C 1080P IPS Portable Laptop Monitor Review

It’s a tiny thing, but he name drops anker for the power source

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Looks like a Powercore fusion power source he tests with…seems like a cool monitor for on the go use…at least compared to some they’ve listed the response times for the panel…

I’m more amazed it’s only 5W to the display, so it would power off anything, including a medium sized solar panel which usually outputs 5W-15W from 21W. Using 2/3rds rule you’d get for example you’d get about 13 hours full brightness off a Powercore 26800.

Most of my device I am expecting to fail around the same time, hopefully not until this time next year so I am pondering between either getting a high end phone and dock it to make a laptop, or a high end laptop and very low cost phone. With phones running a full Linux these are comparable cost total and comparable performance total