100W usb c cable for $9.99

It seems like they are emailing out codes again for the 100 W usb c cable. Expires September 20th 23:59 PT

So if you weren’t able to get it last time check your email for a code and get it while supplies last
Buy it Here!


Nice!! Till when is the discount… People should hurry up and get them soon before the code expires


No email yet :joy:. But nice discount for sure!

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It goes till September 20th

That’s for finding this deal. I need another cable and I haven’t seem them priced this low.

Like last time. No code yet. Very selective who they send to.


I think, they have created block of user emails, which are sent out in scheduled way, from month to month, based on the quantity they have, and limited codes… i got the code last time, but not received any this time… may be next month you will get the codes :slight_smile:

I think my friend has a code they aren’t using if you want it

Very kind but I was wanting to do the opposite, I don’t need the cable was going to offer it up here, but no code.


Lol same. I would’ve asked my friend who owns a USB C device first

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Well if anyone needs I think I can get my hands on one code. I used mine this morning

Oh man I haven’t gotten a code, but I don’t need such cable

I haven’t received any emails from them for months…

This was my first email in a while

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I have started receiving emails after Anker Team @Ankerofficial fixed it in the backend. They asked me to go to Anker.com and subscribe to newsletters, after which i started getting it. I had done this long back, may be in 2016… but was asked to do it again, may be you can give it a try :+1:

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I have tried that numerous times…


GReat deal :+1:

I might have to subscribe again since I didn’t get this email lol

I haven’t received an email again either… I definitely need a couple of these too. If anyone receives an email and isn’t going to use the code, please let me know as I’d love to use it.

Oh man I need this cable for my new MacBook Pro! @ktkundy if that offer stands I’ll take it :wink: