100 W PD Wall Charger coming?

Top end now on 65W, will it improve soon to 100W?
Supplying everything with a single charger.

They are working on it.
Needs a little bit of space in your room. :rofl:

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I think it’s easily done today. We have asked Anker and heard towards end of the year for cost reasons.

I suspect it will be 85W first so you can power a hub and still have 60W left for laptop. There’s very little demand for 100W currently.

If 100W existed today, how much extra would you pay today to buy over a $25-30 60W charger you can get today? Do you have a device which can ingest at 100W

There’s nothing official from Anker.

Good points.

The 100W are useful if you have a professional laptop and you want to bring it around with the best GaN power supply, reducing space occupation and weight in your bag. Surely it is over performing for actual phones.

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Do you know anyone who owns a laptop that can ingest at 100W?

I think there’s a bigger market today for say a dual socket 65W IQ3 + 18W IQ2/3. Typical use case is power a MBP + iPhone, or Windows laptop + Samsung phone.

So a higher wattage version of this

I know I’m not answering your question, but trying to.guess by thinking if I were Anker.

I agree.

By the way, as an example, I have an HP Zbook X360 studio laptop that is perfect for that 100W power.


I looked up quickly your laptop, I see if comes with a 150W barrel charger and does accept USB for power but it’s max input I can’t find. Does it take 100W PD? I can only see mention of 60W.

Look at the link with the specs for PD.
I’ve already tried and a 65W is enough to charge only with system down.

I can believe it. 65W works but slowly. Doesn’t mean it supports 100W PD input. The words in the link I don’t see what is the maximum supported.

I found a link to supported chargers and yes seems 95W is supported.


I suspect Anker is waiting for 100W demand before making products, but for sure if there were demand today they could easily make one as the SoC and reference designs exist now.

The 100W they have now is $80 and is desk not wall charger.

Interim all I have is an oral “hopefully end of year” and mention of cost concerns.

Hopefully your question prompts a better response.

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Probably with the latest InnoSwitch designs they can accommodate the 100W soon on a wall charger case as it is now. Let’s see by the end of the year or for CES 2021!

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Exactly :relieved:


There are alternatives, there’s a teardown of their 65W PPS it’s using another supplier.

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I have one. A Dell latitude 5501. Can charge over a barrel charger, or usb-c PD. I believe it needs 90w, but once you allow some for a pass through hub/ dock, 100w is what I am looking for.

I have a 16inch MacBook pro. I want a 100w gan charger from Anker. Apple’s brick is way too heavy and too large than necessary. The copied version of Anker, AUKEY has already announced a 100w gan charger. I want to buy the Anker version of any charger but I don’t have that option for this time. I hate that I’ve waited so long for Anker to release a 100w charger, and I still had to go for the Aukey 100w charger when I finally forgot to take my laptop charger and had to get a charger immediately. I don’t think it’s that hard or costly for Anker to upgrade their existing 65w gan charger to 100w. Why not? I can’t think of any reason. There is a market for a 100w charger as long as Macbook Pro exists. I don’t want to suffer the compatibility issues of the Aukey 100w charger but it seems that I don’t have a solution from Anker for now. (The Aukey charger would switch from charging to not charging repeatedly after the 16inch MacBook Pro is fully charged, and this would trigger the charging notification sound again and again forever. According to Amazon’s top reviews for that charger, the issue is still not resolved on their already “upgraded” version.)

Example Anker hub

Who’s 100W charger do you buy?

It not Anker’s then…?

This product is shipping March so that bookends the 100W Anker GaN charger to be between now and March.

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